The team behind CoralBloom

Tracing back to times spent exploring the rock pools, mountains and veld surrounding the village of Cape Infanta was really the inception of CoralBloom. This creative endeavor, borne from a close bond with nature, is a family initiative woven together by my sister, mum, dad and myself.

I earned a PhD in Botany & Microbiology and am a self-taught artist and jewellery designer. A hobby of painting and turning reclaimed copper into jewelry evolved into a full-time passion called CoralBloom. Our functional art range aims to bring joy into the home to inspire and share our deep love for nature.

Our family has always had a heart driven passion and synergistic dynamic where everyone’s unique skills are showcased. My mother and sister, both self-taught artists, contribute the original naturalist paintings fusing traditional and modernist watercolor designs. My father is the talented carpenter and self-taught jeweller who transforms reclaimed metal into wearable functional art. It is my role to translate the artworks into digital designs and balance all operations for the CoralBloom Studio.

In 2020 we were also affected by the pandemic restrictions and lockdown. As a family we responded to new economic challenges by launching a range teaming with local fynbos and shells showcased on home-ware, décor and accessories. We have also been collaborating with local fashion designers, which features a bespoke limited edition linen-range of our prints.

We align ourselves with slow and circular design principles and strive to create thoughtful items that communicate a story of respect and care. We ensure that materials and supplies are sourced locally and only work with printers who use eco-friendly water-based inks and energy saving equipment. Our range is currently available in natural fabrics and fabric made from 100% recycled PET. To prevent wastage, we keep a few items in stock and have digital catalogues so that products are made to order on demand. Layouts for printing are meticulously planned to minimize offcuts and wastage.

Products are lovingly hand-sewn by us in our Somerset West studio and made to last. We have recently collaborated with a team of eight talented seamstresses from Somerset West to help us with larger orders. We are committed to an ethical and transparent growth process and take the responsibility to educate consumers to choose products that consider the health of our environment. The CoralBloom team is continually creating and we are so proud to share the richly varied South African landscape as our heritage.

 Xx Michelle