The team behind CoralBloom


CoralBloom is a family run business. Our range is inspired by our passion for art, love of the sea and admiration of the Cape Flora. We pour our love and passion into each design and product using original natural-history illustrations & paintings, natural colour palettes and rustic textures. The natural world can be seen throughout our jewelry, stationery and textile ranges - all based on original scientific drawings and observations. We care deeply about the rich biodiversity of South Africa and aim to use our functional art ranges to share and spread the same awe and respect that we grew up with!


Michelle has a background in botany (PhD Botany and microbiology) and is a self-taught artist and designer. A hobby of painting and turning reclaimed copper into jewelry evolved into a full-time passion called CoralBloom. 

Ann C. Jooste is a botanical artist living in the picturesque coastal town of Cape Infanta. Each artwork is meticulously drawn and painted by hand based on photos of veld specimens and live models from her garden. 

Megan L. Jooste is a conservation ecologist (BSc Honours) and freelance artist. She uses her scientific knowledge and strong graphic illustration style to meticulously capture each subject.

Nico is our display designer and carpenter ~ creating all the exquisite custom-made and branded CoralBloom stands and exhibition displays. With absolute precision he cuts and polishes the reclaimed metals for our elegant handmade jewelry range.

We have big dreams and exciting plans for the future and we hope that you will follow us on this colourful journey!